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Admin Password after Deploy

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Hi there, I have been setting up SD for a couple work days now, but I keep running into an issue where after the deploy the password I had set for the Admin account  does not work.

So I cant login after the deploy.

Where is this password setting, so I can ensure I have the correct PW set

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Hi Kris,

If you created any local administrators on the reference VM prior to capture besides the local, built-in Administrator account (the one specifically called Administrator that exists in every Windows installation, but is disabled by default), then those other administrative accounts should still work.

If the local, built-in Administrator account was enabled on the reference VM, it should also be enabled on the deployed endpoint. And if you entered a password for that account when you captured the image (which is an optional setting in Capture Wizard), then that password should work for the local Administrator account.

If you did anything unusual, like rename the local Administrator account, that could interfere with this functionality.

I've opened a ticket for this issue - I'll send a request for logs to send if the issue persists.

SmartDeploy Support

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