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Do "Script" Application packs run before or after the domain is joined? 

Do they run as the user that's entered in the answer file or is it ran as some built in user like SYSTEM?

I'm hoping to run a batch file or a powershell script after the imaging is complete to call our to our software deployment system for some packages. I have a working script so I'm just trying to integrate that with SmartDeploy and understand when and by whom it's going to run.

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Depends on the phase.

These occur in WindowsPE, before and after the image is applied, respectively.

These occur after reboot, during the Sysprep SPECIALIZE phase (executed essentially by the Sysprep process itself - they are written into the Sysprep Unattend.xml files). For your specific question, domain join occurs after these tasks would be executed, so if they are domain-join dependent, you'll want to run them during...

First Boot as System. These occur behind the Windows login screen, and are executed by the service that is just called "SmartDeploy" (not to be confused with the SmartDeploy Client Service), under the authority of the LOCALSYSTEM account, which has admin-equivalent permissions, more or less, and can be used to install software as long as you're using a silent/unattended command line for the installation.

First Logon as User. These are written into the RunOnce area in the Windows Registry, and are executed under the authority of whichever user logs in first. This can be combined with Autologon if that's useful.

We have some examples here, if that's helpful:
Answer File Tasks

If you there's anything specific you're trying to accomplish and it isn't working as expected, go ahead and open a support ticket and we'll assist however we can.

SmartDeploy Support

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Hi Jason,

It does essentially occur during FIRSTBOOT, but there are a few additional steps to the automation.

If you include an Application Pack as a part of deployment, the SmartDeploy service does the work of installing the SmartDeploy Client, during First Boot as System. As soon as the SmartDeploy Client Service starts up for the first time, it will install the pending Application Packs.

So the timing is essentially during FIRSTBOOT, but another step occurs beforehand.

The difference being that the SmartDeploy service only runs along with reimaging operations, and then shuts itself down permanently, while the SmartDeploy Client Service will remain installed and run automatically at every startup.

SmartDeploy Support

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