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Including network driver for image deployment


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What is the process if I don't have the .inf file. In my case machines have Asus XG-C100C 10Gb network cards with driver that comes with setup.exe


but even though I've added it, it fails to load the driver to establish network connection. What can be done in these cases?



Screenshot 2021-08-03 125729.png

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Hi Milos,

In order to make use of this network driver, you will need to figure out how to extract the driver files (the .inf and any other required files that accompany it) from the .exe or wherever else they may be stored among the package you downloaded. Unfortunately, there is no standard method, as this process varies significantly between manufacturers, who use many different installer types for this purpose. If you would like further assistance on this, please submit a Platform Pack request via the Support Form.

SmartDeploy Support

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