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Dell Precision 7560 Fails to get an IP address during deployment

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I recently purchased four Dell Precision 7560 laptops and am attempting to deploy them through WDS/Smartdeploy. I rebuilt the SD media to include only the 7560-7760 Windows 10 platform pack and all of the laptops receive an IP address during the initial PXE boot portion. However, once the Smartdeploy process is finished initializing, all of the laptops show 'initializing' where the IP address should be located. After approximately 60 seconds, that goes away and the IP field is blank. I am then prompted to select an image to deploy to continue; however, since the computer doesn't have an IP address, I am unable to navigate to a network location to retrieve the image. Has anybody else seen this issue?

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You're using Ethernet, correct?

We will need to take a look at your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\MediaWizard.log from the SmartDeploy host to see if the driver injected correctly. Please send it to support@smartdeploy.com and reference this thread.



SmartDeploy Support

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