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Deploying Windows 10 : there is not enough free space to perform this operation

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I've been trying to deploy a new image of Windows 10 20H2, but when installing I am faced with the following message:


there is not enough free space to perform this operation

This message stop the install dead in it's track. The destination disk is a 1TB NVME disk so there should be enough space.

There is a previous topic, but it's rather unhelpful :


Here's the source VM partition Layout :


Any idea on how to debug this pesky issue?

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We will need to take a look at some deployment logs in order to see what is causing the error. When you boot to the SmartDeploy boot environment, do you see the internal storage disk in the bottom right corner listed?

Reproduce the error (so it's saved in memory), then dismiss the error and close out of the Deploy Wizard to return to the main menu. Click Collect Logs and save the zip to a USB or network share. Send us that zip. You can submit a ticket here. Refence this thread in the ticket.



SmartDeploy Support

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