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Bitlocker issue when joining to domain via SmartDeploy


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Hello y'all,

What I noticed is, when I use SmartDeploy to join a machine to the domain, it automatically enable bitlocker without any record of the key. It doesn't register the key to our Azure server or Active Directory. But if I manually join the machine to the domain after finishing the imaging, it registers the keys to our Azure server. I like SmartDeploy to joing the machine to the domain, so I disable the TPM in Bios. Maybe you guys know a way to keep the TPM on and get a bitlocker key while joining the machine to the domain via SmartDeploy? Thanks for your time.

- Jay M

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Hi Jay,

This may be a timing issue between when the machine is establishing a network connection and when it's attempting to join the domain. Try changing the task to First Logon and then logon with an administrator account with TPM enabled.

If you still have issues, send us an email at support@smartdeploy.com and we can request some logs and take a look.



SmartDeploy Support

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