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Client cloud connection after rename / domain join


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After a cloud deployment to an offsite client, I renamed the computer and joined it to my corporate domain. Since then, the client wont connect to the console. VPN's not connected and I rebooted. And I'm waiting plenty of time after a reboot to check the console. 

Just wondering if there's a known issue afoot here, or whether someone can advise on troubleshooting. I have the client laptop here with me at my house. 

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Hi Dareman, 

We will need to take a look at a log from the endpoint. Can you send us your C:\Windows\SysWoW64\SmartDeploy\Clientservice.console.log to support@smartdeploy.com? Please reference this thread.



SmartDeploy Support

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Update: After working with SmartDeploy support, a reboot of the host ended up getting my cloud client to show up in the console. Thanks for your help! 

I just hope that a host reboot wont be necessary every time I join a cloud-deployed client to my corporate domain. I'm guessing this instance was just a coincidence. 

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