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Add remote computer to console


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Hi Aaron,

Using the short hostname for this would be ideal. The client should attempt to connect for 5 minutes (as if on a local network), and once it fails to reach the hostname, it should then reach out to our cloud services, and it should appear in the console shortly, with a connection type of Cloud. If that is not occurring, then we'll need to troubleshoot that further - go ahead and reach out to support and we'll be happy to assist further. support@smartdeploy.com

SmartDeploy Support

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When you create your SDClientSetup.msi package, make sure that you're using the non-FQDN hostname of your console host, and not an IP, or otherwise any other externally resolvable name/IP. The client needs to fail to reach your console host on the network, so that it switches to connect to our cloud broker service.

Cloud clients should appear in the console 10 minutes after starting, however sometimes there can be delays upwards of about 25 minutes. Sometimes restarting the console host can force a 'nudge' of the agent that monitors your cloud clients table and get it to refresh faster. 

If you're still having trouble, reach out to support@ and we can look up your account and see what's happening. 


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