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Error on initial install


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Hi all,


I upgraded my computer over the past week and am now trying to reinstall the SmartDeploy software again. I've done this twice on different computers and have never had any issues before but now when it goes through the install steps it gives ms a Windows Script Host error when installing windows assessment and deployment kit 10 x64 that says "The system cannot find the file specified". When I click Ok it tells me "The installation of Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit 10 x64 has failed". 


I've attempted to install the ADK directly to bipass this step but it continues to give me this message. The only difference between the first two computers I used the smart deploy tool on and this one is the domain and obviously newer hardware. Recently our company began migrating to a new domain but I don't see how this could cause setup issues. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

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Hi awaisner,

This typically indicates (as you seem to have inferred) that something is interfering with the installation script for the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit - typically, this is caused by either antivirus software or domain security policy blocking VBScripts.

You can bypass the requirement by installing the ADK directly. We are currently using the ADK for Windows 10 Version 1803, which you can download directly by clicking this link:
(direct link to bootstrap installer)

You'll need to install the Deployment Tools, Windows Preinstallation Environment (both x86 and x64), and User State Migration Tool (USMT). Once the ADK installation is complete, you can proceed with installing SmartDeploy.

Alternately (or in addition to the steps above), you can try disabling any antivirus software or pulling the host off the domain and see if it resolves the behavior.

Feel free to reach out to us at support@smartdeploy.com if you have any questions or issues.

SmartDeploy Support

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