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Application pack for Office 365 that first uninstalls current install of Office


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I created an application pack that installs Office 365. That went well, so now I decided to take it a step further by first uninstalling the current installed version of Office before installing Office 365.

I tested on a machine that had Office ProPlus 2016 but failed to get it uninstalled via application pack deployment for Office 365.

I tried creating an msi package task (moved it to the top), but I have no msi package to point to. Instead I tried running with the command 

/q /X{90160000-0011-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}

 It did not work.

Next I tried by creating a command task (moved it to the top) and in the task I specified the same command

msiexec.exe /q /X{90160000-0011-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}

 but it did not work either.

So I'm wondering if there's a better way to accomplish this. I would like to be able to first uninstall Office before executing the task to install Office 365. 

Can this be done with application pack deployments?

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Hi Sergio,

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, there is no officially supported method to uninstall Office via command-line. It's possible you may be on the right track with the msiexec /x command, but you'd likely need to identify the MSI file that Windows retained when the software was installed...if the MSI was indeed retained (Office may be a special case, since it is often installed with a click-to-run installer).

This thread may point you in the right direction, although it's unclear if this framework still applies to Windows 10.


Bottom line, if you're able to identify a command-line to uninstall Office, you should hopefully be able to push that out with an Application Pack - but finding the command-line is the first hurdle.

SmartDeploy Support

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