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Do I need to enable user privileges in the SmartDeploy host if I'm using the (domain) Administrator account?


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Looking at the system requirements it mentions a list of privileges needed and I'm wondering if I still need to make this changes if I'm using the domain admin account on SmartDeploy host machine.

Furthermore, looking at the GPOs, it looks like these are set to "administrators" by default. However, when running the "whoami -priv" command it lists those privileges as disabled.

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Hi Sergio,

You simply need to use a user account that is a local admin on the console host, and which has these privileges available. A domain administrator would generally have these, although for security reasons, I might suggest you use a service account that only has the privileges required.


If you open an admin command prompt and run the whoami /priv command (as you did), if the privilege appears on the list at all, then the user has that permission. The enabled/disabled column simply indicates whether the privilege is in use by the current process (the command prompt itself). So if you see the privileges on the list, the current user account can use SmartDeploy.





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