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"Registries are still in use" error when trying to import as Reference Machine


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We have created images in the past using Smartdeploys method. And it used to work flawlessly. But now, it keeps giving us the error that the registries are still in use no matter what we do. We have tried SHUTDOWN /S /T 0 multiple times. We checked the registries. There is no snapshots being taken. We created two other reference machines from scratch, didn't even boot up those images via VMworkstation, and they still can't be imported as a reference machine to get converted into a Smartdeploy Image.



What is happening?! How can I fix this? Smartdeploy support isn't helping at all.

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I'm sorry you feel as though we are not helping and becoming frustrated. We cannot reproduce this issue on our end. I just replied again for you to perform a clean installation.

Let us know your results after you follow my steps in your ticket. 



SmartDeploy Support


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