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Network driver to SmartPE


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We have custom built servers, and therefore I needed to create my own Platform Pack. It injects the drivers properly in Windows 10 when installing offline from USB. So far so good.

I am now trying to create a Boot Media with SmartPE on USB-stick, that includes my network drivers, as my network card is not natively supported.
In the Platform Pack I have added the NIC drivers under Windows PE 10.0 (x64) and Windows PE 5.1 (x64).

However, the drivers doesn't seem to be installed when booting from the USB.
In fact, the drivers doesn't seem to be copied to the USB-stick at all. Shouldn't it? I mean, how could it make any difference if not?
Just for fun, I tried to install another NIC, that is supported natively. Rebooted on USB-stick and then it all worked properly.

What am I doing wrong? (Yes I am pretty sure I'm the one causing the problem)


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Hi Palle,

Would it be possible to upload your platform pack so we could take a look? Also, please send us your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from your SmartDeploy host and we can verify if the drivers are getting injected. Submit a ticket here and refer to this forum post.



SmartDeploy Support

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