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Smart Deploy PE environment drivers


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We recently got a bunch of Surface Laptop 3s and are having an issue where the drivers for various components are not loaded in the smart deploy environment. For instance, the keyboard doesn't work, and you have to plug in an external keyboard and drivers for things like an external wired nic card dont load properly, so we have issues with it connecting to the network. Other laptops work fine, just seems to be these new models.

is there a way to inject drivers to the PE image or smart deploy, or will there be an update to the app that has these?

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Hi Rysamp,

In order to see what is going on, we will need some logs to give us specifics. It sounds as though the PE drivers are not getting injected into the boot media. Once you have booted the Surface from your boot media into the SmartDeploy boot environment, click Collect Logs. Save the resulting zip and submit a support request here with them attached.

If you could also send your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from the SmartDeploy host that would be helpful as well.

Please refer to this thread in the ticket.



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