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Installing Applications in Image vs. Installing via Application Packs


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We've recently gotten Smartdeploy and have been happy with it so far. I made a relatively simple image and included our basic applications in it, and an application pack for our security software (including it in an image is tricky due to the way it activates so the application pack made more sense for it).

However, now I'm curious to know if it is better to install as many applications as possible via application packs as opposed to installing them in the base image? Is there any particular guidance on which is preferred?

(I must confess imaging in this way is largely new for me - the last lot of imaging I did was via Ghost 11 many years ago!)

Thanks 😊

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We are glad you're happy with SmartDeploy! You were right in containing the security software as an application pack. Security software and anti-virus software can cause issues if installed on the image as it can break sysprep, capture issues, etc. You can also install it as a post image task. 

Most customers install applications on the image, or install the base applications all their users need, then deploy application packs for any unique machines that need a couple different applications. You could also make separate images for those users as well. It's really up to you. We recommend installing your applications on the image so you don't have to do any steps after the image is laid down. There is really no pro or con. 

I hope that answers your question!


SmartDeploy Support


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