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SmartDeploy Image creation being blocked by Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11


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We have recently moved the software from a Windows 7 device onto a Windows 10 v1809 device and installed the latest version of SmartDeploy (v 2.0.3050) however whenever we try to create new media get get the following error message when it tries to mount the image "An error occurred while mounting the image file, Media Wizard will now close" we have been in contact with SmartDeploy and they have advised that the Antivirus software is what is causing the error.

As a test we uninstalled Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Network agent and tried to create media and it worked without issue.

We have reinstalled Kaspersky Network agent (10.5.1781) and Kaspersky Endpoint Security (v11.0.0.6499 (pf5101) and added the SmartDeploy folder location as an exception to the scan exclusion and trusted zone but the Media creation still fails

We then disabled all Advanced Threat protection components, all Essential Threat Protection components, all Security Controls, disabled Endpoint Sensor and Disabled Self Defense with the idea of enabling each component one at a time to find the component that is stopping the media creation.

Unfortunately with all the AV components disabled we are still getting the same error and unable to create media .

I've posted this same question on the Kaspersky forums but thought of posting here in case anyone else has had the same issues and can give a pointer into what else could potentially be stopping SmartDeploy Media Creation



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Hi Tom,

Can you email your latest C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from the SmartDeploy host? We may have to add dism to your trusted rules as well. You can reference this forum post. 





SmartDeploy Support

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Kaspersky have sent us a new version of their software (v11.0.1.90)

Currently it is looking promising as I'm able to create media with all the Essential Threat components enabled I'm still testing imaging while enabling each component so will hopefully be able to respond with a result tomorrow.

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