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Regarding Platform packs, I wonder if it is possible to customize the Smartdeploy provided platform packs for my own use.

For example, I deploy Lenovo models.  The Lenovo platform packs deploy Lenovo System Update.  I would like to customize some of the command line arguments for installing System Update.  

I tried to extract the content of the existing Smart Deploy provided Platform Pack but it seems to be password protected.  I'm guessing, "no", but I wonder if it is possible to be informed of this password so that I don't need to build the entire platform pack from scratch and can use the current version as a starting point.

That's not the only reason I'd like to use the existing platform packs as a 'base' it is just one of several items i'd like to customize in the platform pack.

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Hi Blargh,

This is supported. Any SmartDeploy user with a current support contract can open up a Platform Pack using Platform Manager (the program that opens when you right-click | Edit a Platform Pack from the console, or double-click on one in Windows Explorer). You can then right-click any folder and Extract.

If you expand the make | model | OS notes on the left pane, and click on SystemUpdate, you can see the current task that is being executed (and during which phase of deployment). Take note of this before you make any changes. We install SystemUpdate using a Setup.vbs script, so you'll want to make the changes by editing that script, then re-add the folder and re-add the Task as written (likely wscript.exe [PlatformFolder]\SystemUpdate\Setup.vbs in the Specialize phase).

Out of curiosity, what change were you planning to make to installing Lenovo SystemUpdate? We've generally just done a silent install of the utility.

SmartDeploy Support

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