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Latest update 3050 - question


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In the release notes for 3050 is states that it is now possible to choose, in the wizard, which sections of the answer-file are to be automated and which are not.  Where is this?  I don't see anything new.


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Hi C,

The default answer file mode is unattended - and to be clear, if an answer file is unattended, the "skip=#" values will be ignored, and the entirety of Deploy Wizard will be hidden. This is how this option behaved previously, and this has not changed.

What's new is - if you click into the Answer File Wizard | Advanced options, and change the answer file from unattended to attended, then the checkboxes to skip each Deploy Wizard page will appear, and will be respected by any attended media that uses the new answer file. Edit: Please note, console-initiated deployments are always unattended, and skip values are not supported for this method. But they can be used for USB/DVD media, or WDS/PXE boot media. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues.

SmartDeploy Support

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