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User State Migration


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Hello.  Been working with user state migration on and off for some time now.  Ir we able to get real time status when capturing or deploying?   All I see is an icon indicating current state and once the process is done the icon goes away.  


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Hi vlee14,

If I understand correctly, you're looking for a real-time status indicator on the console? This is a bit tricky to engineer, since the USMT Scanstate and Loadstate processes are essentially just copying files per-user profile, but they don't output any sort of overall percentage that we could capture and provide as feedback within the UI. We can detect when it starts, and detect when it completes - and that information is reflected via that icon in the console. That said, if you have any feedback about this aspect of the UI, please feel free to submit it - we're always looking to improve the usability of the product, and we appreciate all user feedback. 

You can send this to feedback (at) smartdeploy.com. 

SmartDeploy Support

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