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SmartDeploy Admin Console Access

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We currently setup SmartDeploy Admin Console in one of our physical server. I am the one that does all the Administrator job but i need to provide access to couple of Helpdesk guys to perform Cloud deployment for remote machines. How can i get this accomplished without having them accessing the main server because I have the Reference Machines and WDS configured on the same server so i don't want them to mess around with that. 

Regards, Nagaraj

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Hi Nagaraj,

This is a difficult scenario, since using SmartDeploy requires local administrator privileges, which would generally also grant these users access to both the WDS console and any virtualization platform that you're using. If this is a major security concern, I would recommend installing SmartDeploy on a different server. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support

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