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Will this work and what will I need to get it to work ?

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Total newbie with smart deploy but good with MDT and SCCM 

So we are still on windows 7 but I have a good Windows 10 builds crafted on the MDT (about 18 custom script builds) 

Now it's takes time to deploy these images and they aren't zero touch plus the  due to our Domain we have to manually join the domain (due to the banner issues)

For the Windows 7 deployment they had a team of 10 third party staff to boot off CD’s so I want to avoid this Custerfudge

We have 2000 - 3000 Workstations in 18 Call Centers so it's not a easy task 

So I’m thinking that I can create the golden image on MDT and push it via Smart deploy


The cherry on the cake would be if I can Zero touch the process

 Deliver the agent MSI via PDQ Deploy so that I can see the machines then push the W10 build

They would keep the same hostname and join the domain (would this work with the popup banner ?)

Would this work ? - the zero touch push and the domain join I'm not sure on the smart deploy flow  

Also if I'm using a laptop  i7 SSD locallay on site to push the image on site  how many concurrent deployments would it handle

and what would be an approximate rate of deployments per hour ( image is about 7-8gb) 


Sorry for the long list I'm trying get a trial license so i can check as well 


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