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User Migration Fail


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SmartDeploy version 2.0.3035

Testing the "user data migration" option of SmartDeploy.  All Answer File check boxes marked (enable, user settings, etc) and a network share is set.  When I deploy (Windows 10 build 1809) I can see the USMT.MIG file created on the share, and I see the account is re-created on the computer when deployment, but it only preserved the Desktop and the Favorites (from Chrome)....nothing from the documents folder was preserved.  Am I doing something wrong?

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We would have to take a look at a set of deployment logs. Boot to SmartDeploy media on the affected device (ideally with USB boot media with no answer file, to avoid starting another deployment and wiping the previous logs), click the Collect logs option, save the resulting zip file to an external location.

Submit a ticket here and refer to this thread.


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