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remote agent

Nathan H

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I have a computer not on site I installed an agent to put all the port here https://support.smartdeploy.com/kb/article/5-which-ports-are-required-by-smartdeploy/ as port forwards in our Router.


The agent is not appearing in the smart deploy console.

 anyone has a Succesful remote clod agent.


I would prefer to do this without a VPN.

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You could have a VPN established to the remote site so that the endpoint could reach the SmartDeploy host, however it's not recommended to do it this way. 

If the SmartDeploy Client Agent is unable to reach the SmartDeploy Console Host on the local network, it will use the Cloud Broker service to reach the SmartDeploy Console host. Clients in this configuration will list “Cloud” in the Connection Type column in the Computer Management workspace. If it's not appearing in the Console, contact support to make sure the feature is enabled for your account, and that you're on the latest version. 


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I not sure I understand this Correctly So I download an Agent with a local IP in the set up if I install it on a remote PC no port forwards with the agent looking at an external IP nothing it going to magically find My console?


as my testing goes so far if I install an Agent over my VPN then take the VPN offline it will turn to cloud and I can deploy.


But I am talking about the agent has never been installed before 

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Per the guide; you'll use the console to generate the MSI to install the client that will have information regarding your account in it. You can connect to the client at the remote site to do this. If the client can't connect to the SmartDeploy Console host on your main network, it will then look to the internet to reach our Cloud Broker service which will connect it with your host, in which you'll see the connectio type; Cloud. The client service will re-check connectivity periodically and attempt to connect via the local network.

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