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Boot media Creation taking long time


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Since updating to 2.0.3025 yesterday creating boot media is taking over an hour. Previously using 2.0.3020 using the same USB Stick and same laptop this took 5 minutes.

We're seeing this issue on the 2 machines we've upgraded to 3025. Both machines are using a different memory stick. 

One install was a fresh install where smartdeploy had never been installed on that PC before, the other machine was upgraded from 2.0.3020

We're using all of the same options as we did previously, E.G. platform pack locations, Answer files and SmartPE 64bit FAT32

Any suggestions?

UPDATE : To create a boot media it took over 3 hours. I've not tested it yet but my colleague who also took over 3 hours said her's works fine.

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