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Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail


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Hi Jay,

The current version of SmartDeploy does not support deploying Windows 10 1809.

We are currently testing a version of SmartDeploy that will work with 1809 and will release a new version shortly.

We appreciate your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. 


SmartDeploy Support.

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Justin is correct.

We do have a build in test that is successfully deploying 1809, but Microsoft has pulled the 1809 update as well as from the Windows 10 Media Creation tool. We want to ensure SmartDeploy on the latest build of 1809, so once they do, we will ensure our build works with Microsoft's latest ISO. As of today the update is still pulled.

I would suggest building a fresh virtual reference machine with 1803 Windows 10 media then capture/deploy that or wait until MS releases 1809.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's something we cannot control at this time. Once MS releasing a final build and we will test it and will announce to our customers that we support it officially. 

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Could you send us your deployment logs to support@smartdeploy.com so that we can identify the specific issue? Here are instructions on how to do this:

Please boot to SmartDeploy media on the affected device (ideally with USB boot media with no answer file, to avoid starting another deployment and wiping the previous logs), click the Collect logs option, save the resulting zip file to an external location, and send with your reply.

Note that some organizations restrict sending zip files over email, so you may want to check with your IT department to make sure the email made it out with the attachment. Alternately, you can submit it via the Support form, which includes a file upload option. If you submit a new ticket, please mention my name so that your ticket is routed correctly.

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29 minutes ago, Ron Miller said:

I am trying to get some computers out today with 1809. Same sysprep error as mentioned above. Are you saying that I cannot upgrade my reference machine to 1809, but instead I have to create a NEW reference machine from scratch?


That's correct Ron. You need to make a new machine with a fresh 1809 install.

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