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Error while creating the reference VM


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Hello, I am using VMware workstation 12 to create reference machine(Win10-1809) using smartdeploy version 2.0.3020. Getting an error(see attached screen shot) saying "Please provide valid virtual machine location" I made sure that the Reference machine path is correct. I am a domain admin and also have local admin rights on the server in which we are running smartdeploy. Please advise.


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Hi Nagaraj,

To start, I should mention that as of this writing, SmartDeploy does not yet support Windows 10 Version 1809, but we are actively testing it now. I would caution anyone reading this comment in the future to update to the latest version of SmartDeploy before retrying, as we plan to update the software as soon as possible to support this version of Windows 10. 

That said, it is unlikely that this issue is related to the guest OS version on the VM. 

Please go ahead and send your Capture Wizard log to support@smartdeploy.com, and we'll have a look at what's going on here. 


Please note as well in your reply whether E:\ is a local (internal or external) hard drive on the same computer where SmartDeploy is running, or if it is a mapped network drive on another computer. And be sure to reference this DeployCentral thread as well. 


SmartDeploy Support

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