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Answer file wizard not mapping drive once selected

Geoffrey G

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Hi there,

We have just upgraded to SmartDeploy version 2.0.3020 and we are now having trouble creating answer files. 

When i get to the "Select image" part of the wizard, i select "Network", i pick a drive letter then type in the network path to the deploy server. When i click okay the "Map network drive screen closes" but the answer file wizard does not populate with the chosen network path or the images in the file. If i click the "network" button and drop down the drive drop box, smart deploy has mapped the drive and is now greyed out. 

Any support would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hi Geoffrey, 

Certainly, we can assist with that.

Please send us your Answer File Wizard log - C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Answer.log - and send it to support@smartdeploy.com (you will receive an email from us shortly; you can just reply to that). 


SmartDeploy Support

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