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Isn't in the user manual yet. How do I do a cloud deployment?

I presume I should also make a new deployment that DOESN'T auto add to the domain (which means doesn't get AV etc which is a small problem too). I guess I should add all software to the image to eliminate that problem. Some other settings there is little to nothing to do I guess (like Windows updates etc). I could create for (many) of them registry files that are run though a script but I'm not really sure that makes any sense.

Also is there any way I can have an easy way a user can create deployment media? Let me give you my use case. A perfect example where this would have been a life saver. We have people that travel out of the office regularly. I had a user whose laptop went crazy and DNS didn't work (could ping by IP, but no matter the network there was no DNS (though nslookup worked). 

I would like to be able to have deployed to this user. Since their computer didn't work I would need some sort of boot media (that they could create from another computer). I could send everybody with a DoK with the boot media, but honestly it won't happen, it would be out of date etc etc. I need some way that a user could create the boot media with relative ease. Is there any solution for this as well?

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SmartDeploy cloud deployment documentation starts on page 24 in our user guide which can be found here

You can have SmartDeploy installed on as many IT workstations as you would like. This won't affect licensing. License usage is only for deployed machines. Users could have SmartDeploy installed on their local laptop and create it from there.

SmartDeploy Support

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