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Updating BIOS on already deployed machines


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I saw that one of the new features of 3010 is the ability to push Driver pack updates. I must say this is really fantanstic (though not tested yet). My first problem is until now I have never pushed the client, so now I need to push the client but I don't want to push to all computers (I think), only those deployed via SmartDeploy yet I have no way to do that!

If I push to clients that were installed before we moved to smartdeploy but do have a valid driver pack, can I still push updates?

Also will this also update the BIOS? That would be my number one requested feature the ability to update BIOS especially in the post Spectre/Meltdown world...

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You would have to install the client manually to those target machines that were deployed via SmartDeploy or via group policy and only target those specific computers. If you need to reimage, you can install the SmartDeploy client during installation via the Advanced options in the Deploy/Answer file wizards.

Currently, the driver update ability will only update plug and play drivers. So, any drivers that install via a task in the platform pack (Like BIOS), won't be updated if you decide to use this feature. This will change in a future version of SmartDeploy to allow BIOS to be updated in this way. 

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