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Multiple Driver packages are failing to download and hanging at 0%.


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I am trying to download platform packs, I keep having packs that hang at 0% and won't let me cancel or delete them. I have tried re-installing SmartDeploy, I have re-registered the SmartCOM.dll's, I have tried renaming other packs to the names of the packs I am downloading to see if it will force it to show as "completed", nothing works. I have looked through the logs and I cannot find any sort of config file that SmartDeploy might be referencing to see if these packs need to download or not, so I have to assume there is a cloud component that is getting hung up.


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Once you perform the registration of the dlls, you’ll need to re-initiate the download process, as the stuck download will not restart on its own. Launch the SmartDeploy Console, click Platform Packs, click + | Download a Platform Pack. Search for the pack, select it, and click Download. The download should proceed normally. 

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