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Unattend and Network Issues


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When trying to do the unattend deploy with an answer file I always get prompted to specify an image. I have a valid IP at the bottom right and can ping the desktop with SmartDeploy and the files. I cannot, however, map the drive because I will get either 'Error 1312' when I try the Username Password (both are correct), or I will get Access Denied with Domain\Username and Password. I have noticed that I am also now having problems pinging the target device. I have disabled the Firewalls for both PCs just to test with no luck.  I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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okay, so with your help you got me on the right track. I had to make an entry in the register for Windows 10. Here is the article for future reference: 


The \\ComputerName\C$ is now being mapped automatically with the answer file but it is still asking for me to specify an image even though that has already been done in the answer (unattend) file. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

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