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Slow First Logon as Local Administrator After Sysprep


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After quite a lot of work I've managed to develop a stable 1803 build & deployment process with MDT & SmartDeploy that removes about half of the provisioned Windows apps, sets up a customized Start & Taskbar layout, and uses copyprofile to successfully set up the default user profile.

The only remaining problem is the time it takes to log on as the local Administrator for the first time, once sysprep completes. It takes about 15 minutes before the desktop appears and my FirstLogon script runs (initiating a PC rename and domain join script). This is on 4 separate hardware platforms so far. It also happened with 1709 (I gave up on 1709 in frustration due to sysprep always breaking the Windows apps). It's only this one logon. Subsequent local Administrator or domain logons only take 10-20 seconds even with a new user creating a new profile. Is SmartDeploy doing stuff during this first logon and should it take 15 minutes? If not how can I diagnose what's holding things up?



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Restart the machine that back into the SmartDeploy boot environment. Click Collect Logs and save the resulting zip to a USB or network share and send it to us and we can investigate.

You can attach the zip here, or send it to us at support @ smartdeploy .com and reference this thread.


SmartDeploy Support

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