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Move user data to a different PC


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You would have to install the images on the image or make multiple images for your specific application needs.

When you create your answer file, you will want to select Enable User Data Migration on the User Data Migration page, then select your desired options. Use that answer file during deployment and you will be good to go.

 You have three options to migrate.

 User Settings: this includes the full user account, any personalized setting and documents (C:\Users\Demo)

  • Application Settings: this includes Microsoft Office and other Microsoft related applications
  • Documents: this includes everything on the C: drive that was not added by the operating system or applications (C:\*)

 For more information regarding the User Data Migration please refer to page 34 in our User Guide.

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Yeah, I was afraid of that, though I did have a weak hope of it being a feature I had overlooked, since the User Migration setting already use USMT.

Maybe it should be a requested future feature to incorporate that fully in the later SD updates? :)

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