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Machine Name not being retained

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Hey all, when imaging a machine it seems to be hit and miss if it retains the old machine name or not (more times it doesnt than does) Is there any logs which could tell me why this is happening? 

We are on latest version of smartdeploy trying to deploy an enterprise copy of windows 10 1709. 



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According to your deploy.log it looks as though it should of used the existing name first. When you booted to the SmartDeploy boot environment on this device, what was the name in the bottom right corner? What did it name it instead? 

When you created your answer file, you picked the following correct?


SmartDeploy Support


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That's correct we have left use existing name as the default option.


I will have to manually check, we currently just deploy straight from the server interface and don't look at the client in the pre-install environment.


The names its getting comply with the custom naming scheme A#######

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