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Removal of OEM Software in Platform Package


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A few days ago - attempted to reimage some old equipment, an HP Probook 450 G3. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes came back with hits on riskware of a severe keylogger Trojan on freshly installed laptop. I need to plug in reimage and verify but currently, it's considered "hot" and is offline with investigation underway. 3rd party OEM software from Conexant is being flagged (which is also included in the pp) - please see article. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3196125/data-security/on-hp-computers-check-for-the-conexant-keylogger-called-mictray.html

Please omit OEM software from platform packs, for Probooks and Elitebooks - need G2 and G3 450s for Probooks and Elitebook 850s. So far, haven't attempted these other models but want to do so soon.

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We've worked though updating the Audio driver on most of the HP packs that were effected by the Conexant vulnerability.  Looks like we haven't made it as far back in the ProBook models as the G2 and G3, so we can get those updated.  Believe all the generations of EliteBook 800 models are up to date though.  Here is HP's website about it.  If you find a pack with a driver older than specified on that website, please submit a platform pack request and we'll get it updated.


SmartDeploy Support Team

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