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Receiving Error during deployment

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Try cleaning the existing drive.


  • Boot to your boot media
  • Click the link to open a command prompt in the SmartDeploy splash screen


Perform the following commands: 

  • Diskpart
  • Select Disk 0
  • Clean (this will wipe the selected disk)
  • Create partition primary (this will create a partition to apply the image to)
  • Format FS=NTFS Quick
  • Assign letter C
  • Active
  • Exit


Restart the machine and attempt to deploy again and let us know your results.

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Hi Eric,

Please email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com (referencing this thread) and we will provide further instructions.


SmartDeploy Support

        888.7DEPLOY    toll-free





        Learn about our award winning

        Windows deployment solutions



        Twitter: @SmartDeploy

        Facebook: SmartDeploy

        Spiceworks: Spiceworks



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