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Imaging brand new pc


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I have a dozen brand new computers that have never been turned on so the SmartDeploy client isn't installed. I want to PXE boot these computers to the network and have a package be deployed to the computer. Where are the steps to do this in the manual? I have already created 2 deployment packages for testing, but I don't see where to get a new computer to find the package and install

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Hi there,

Network-based deployment packages can only be used for console-initiated deployments, which can only be performed for target devices that have a functional OS and the SmartDeploy client installed. For new computers - which may have no OS installed, or may have an OEM image installed - we would recommend using some other method to boot these devices. PXE boot is indeed an option, but it requires integrating SmartDeploy with Windows Deployment Services - see our white paper here (direct link to PDF) for details. You can also boot the target devices using USB boot media, or offline deployment media (see P. 34 of the User's Guide for detail on the various media types available).

Feel free to shoot us an email at support (at) smartdeploy.com if you have any questions or issues.


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