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  1. Thank you Jeff and DJ. I am remote/VPN and realize this limits some options for me. Which is no problem. Since I'm curious, I'll test the RDP USB passthrough. Appreciate everyone's time and suggestions.
  2. Ok, that is what I'll be doing, creating Offline media due to working remotely. Is it best then to download the console to my machine and import the image/answer file/packs from the VM or will the VirtualHere option mentioned above work? I have no issue downloading the console on another machine but if there is an option to avoid that and keep everything on the Hyper-V and the VM, I'd love to do so. Thank you for your input and help.
  3. Fantastic, thank you. Appreciate the quick response/alternative!
  4. KB9GXK - are you still using the VirtualHere tool? This looks like it could solve a problem for me.
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