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WDS Image error


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I've been trying to build WDS boot media based on Win 10 x64 1709. I've captured the image and created the media, but when I go to import it into WDS, I get an "Invalid Image File" which says that the file doesn't contain a valid boot image. I've started the process from scratch a number of times with the same result.

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You can use the SmartDeploy Cmd Prompt command; smartwim /info [wim file] to view details of the wim to make sure it's ok. Other than that I'd make sure you have the latest version of SmartDeploy installed, and try uploading a different boot wim to your WDS host to rule out a problem there. 

If you have a support contract with SmartDeploy, you can contact support@smartdeploy.com for additional help.



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EDIT: Turns out it was an issue with VirtualBox and the shared folder. Once I copied the WIM files over to my VM, they were recognized correctly.


Actually, this still isn't working with Win 10 1703. I've spun up a new instance of Server 2016 and am still having issues.

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