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Bluescreen attempting to image Latitude 7525


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We are demoing a Dell Latitude 7525 tablet along with the Dell thunderbolt dock. We are getting a blue screen "Kernel_Security_Check_Failure" during the winpe imaging process. It seems to happen pretty consistently at the point where the system starts pulling the image across the network.

System is getting an IP address so the PE network driver appears to be working correctly. We have applied bios updates to both the tablet and the dock. Unfortunately we can not exclude the dock from the configuration for the imaging process because the tablet itself has no USB ports.

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Can't seem to find anything about a Latitude 7525. But, based on what you are describing sounds like it could be the network driver. What we would really need to do is create a platform pack for this model. And if you were to end up purchasing them, if you could ship us one with the dock then we could ensure it worked perfectly. Aside from that, you could try creating boot media from an existing pack that has the Dell Thunderbolt Dock Realtek USB Ethernet driver in it. The Precision 5510 pack would work for this. Download that pack, run through Media Wizard, and select just this 5510 pack to create boot media. That will get the correct Realtek driver in there. If that doesn't fix it, then it could be more complicated like needing Thunderbolt or other drivers.

Email us back at support @ SmartDeploy.com.


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