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Offline Deployment Media - ITEMS


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Hello DeployCentral Forum!

This question goes out for anyone experiencing odd behavior from an Offline Deployment Media (USB).


During the media wizard, I select the Image File, Platform Pack and my Unattended Answer File. Once I click next, it asks if I want the wizard to update the answer file with the image file details...I click YES.

Once I boot off of the USB, here comes my First issue, I receive the Welcome screen. In my answer file LINE#3 <welcome skip="1">

I have this set to "SKIP". I then click "Deploy Image" in the Welcome Screen and then comes my Second Issue, I am asked to select an Image File. I do so (Z:\WinXP.wim) and the image loads fine...

PlatformPack seems to have loaded fine...no driver issues in the Device Manager.

Answer File:

-<smartdeploy version="1.1" version_debug="1.1.1980">
-<deploy_wizard mode="Unattended">
-<welcome skip="1">
-<select_image skip="1">
-<disk_options skip="1">
-<!-- 0 = Recreate drives, 1 = Wipe & load drives, 2 = SmartMigrate 
-<product_key skip="1">
-<end_user_license_agreement skip="1">
-<user_information skip="1">
 <full_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</full_name>
 <organization_name>Honda Federal Credit Union</organization_name>
-<regional_settings skip="1">
 <time_zone>(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)</time_zone>
 <input_locale>English (United States)</input_locale>
-<display_settings skip="1">
 <resolution>Auto Detect</resolution>
 <color_depth>Auto Detect</color_depth>
 <refresh_rate>Auto Detect</refresh_rate>
-<network_tcpip_settings skip="1">
-<!-- 0 = Obtain an IP address automatically, 1 = Use the following IP address 
-<network_identification skip="1">
-<!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup 
-<join_domain_credentials skip="1">
-<summary skip="1">
 <system_property enabled="0">DISABLE_SYSTEM_RESTORE</system_property>
 <system_property enabled="1">RESTORE_DRIVE_LETTERS</system_property>
 <system_property enabled="1">ENABLE_ADMINISTRATOR_ACCOUNT</system_property>
 <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_CRASH_CONTROL_SETTINGS</system_property>
 <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_DESKTOP_ICONS</system_property>
-<!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method 
 <wmi_query>SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure</wmi_query>

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,
'NetAdmin73 :rolleyes:

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One the machine that you created the media please navigate to %temp%\Media.log and send that to support@smartdeploy.com and we can take a look at what's going on. Without taking a look at the log, I can only comment on what I see here. a.) I see this answer file wasn't made with the latest version 1990. b.) When <deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> is set to unattend the skip switches do not take effect if you want a semi automated then change it to <deploy_wizard> and then for each item you don’t want the user to see you would navigate to the skip=0 and change the value to skip=1.

On the second issue I would need to see your Deploy.log. To get this:

1. One the machine that you were deploying to

2. Navigate to X:\Windows\Temp\Deploy.log if still in PE, if you have booted to the OS then it will be C:\Windows\Debug\Deploy.log

3. Send that to support@smartdeploy.com and we can help further trouble shoot.



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