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Custom answer files and server shares


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I am having a problem trying to automate our deployments with a custom answer file. I can create the basic file but when the PE boot environment tries to connect to the server share (2008 R2) it always asks for credentials. The shares give read access to 'everyone' and I have looked at local policy and made the changes that should allow the connection without requiring credentials. Unfortunately none of that has worked and instead I am looking at just using a service account as the credentials.

Unfortunately when I try to add the account info in the UNC path in the answer file it does not work correctly and I always get asked to supply the path when I boot. This is an example of what I am trying to do:


<image_file>\\FQDN\e$\Share\imagename.wim password /USER:domain/serviceaccount</image_file>

<image_name>Windows 7 x32 Reference</image_name>


any idea what I am doing wrong here?

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Hi Cory,

I would suggest going back through the Deploy Wizard and mapping the network drive (on the image selection page click Browse>Network). Once the network drive is mapped and credentials are added you can export the answer file. The answer file will automatically reconnect to the network drive using the credentials supplied. The credentials are saved in the answer file but are not in plain text.



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