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Migrate SD Console to new machine


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We are running SD for ~100 devices but need to migrate the console to a new machine as the one we put it on really shouldn't have been used past the testing stage...

I found an old forum post here that showed you could do it but I'm wondering how this works in terms of cloud connected devices?
Do I have to reinstall the SD client on all the devices? Would I be able to push out a new SD client from the existing install to migrate devices across to a new install?


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Once the new SmartDeploy console you will need to get the old endpoints to directed to the new console. If you are using version 3 you can use the attached file to create a VB script that will change where the console reports. Just edit the file with the new hostname and save the file with a .vbs extension. If the old SmartDeploy console is still up and running you can even create an App Pack to make the change.


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