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  1. Thanks for the response Jeff. Copying the blank text file worked. Could it be that I created the directory before installing the console so it never 'realised' the the files existed and was waiting for a change to happen?
  2. Hi, I have an issue where the SmartDeploy console will not auto refresh inventory (images/answer files/etc) from the root directory. I have set up three seperate consoles (all in seperate locations) and the first two are working fine but the third will not automatically update. Has anyone else had this happen before? Or got any pointers on where to look to troubleshoot it? I've restarted the box/SD service a few times and also let it sit for a few days just in case it took "some time" to work itself out. I can also manually import the files from the root directory but this doesn't suit how the file replication is setup.
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