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Image Over WiFi


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When hard wired we can image devices no problem.  It has been great.

Trying to cycle through devices in bulk now, and more regularly, but I cannot seem to get wifi deployment to work right.  When connecting through wifi they come up as a 'cloud' connection instead of 'local', but we do not plan to do any cloud deployments at this time and are not set up for it.  We are still on 2.0.3090.

Any thoughts?  I have run the powershell script to test the connection on ports 8734 and 8735 and it is working.

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When the SmartDeploy Client (v2.0.3090) starts it's going to try and reach the console host by the name set by the Answer File or the SDEClientSetup.msi package for 5 minutes. If it fails, then it assumes it's offline and switches to api.smartdeploy.com and connects via the cloud. 

Check the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SmartDeploy\ClientService.xml file on one of these clients to see what the hostname is. Make sure it's resolvable, and then you can try re-starting the SmartDeploy Client service to make it try the local host again. 

You can run this PowerShell Command to watch the log in real-time. Give it 5 minutes and you see a repeating block like this, where I've highlighted the CLIENT -> CONSOLE line to indicate it's connected. 
Get-Content "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SmartDeploy\ClientService.Console.log" -Wait


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