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I'm just wondering how long it typically takes for a driver pack to be released for a new computer model. This is the first new computer model that we've purchased since we moved to SmartDeploy. Specifically, i'm looking for the HP ProBook 440 G8 driver pack.


Thank you

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We typically do not build Platform Packs for new models as they release, unless it happens to be a model/device that we use in house. We rely on customers to request new Platform Packs, and providing us with WMI information. 

If you need a Platform Pack for the 440 G8 to be created, please submit a Platform Pack request on our support portal: Submit a ticket : Support Center (smartdeploy.com)  

We officially state 5-10 business days from receiving the request before a pack is created, however depending on the current queue, it is much faster than that.  

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