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  1. Ah, I see. Thanks Jeff. When you say WMI information, you mean basically an export of the System Summary?
  2. I'm just wondering how long it typically takes for a driver pack to be released for a new computer model. This is the first new computer model that we've purchased since we moved to SmartDeploy. Specifically, i'm looking for the HP ProBook 440 G8 driver pack. Thank you
  3. Ok, thank you for the quick response.
  4. Oh, ok. It seems that they always end up as numbers from my experiences so far. I haven't seen them end up as letters yet.
  5. I found this topic as I am wondering the same. In the meantime, just so that I know that it's been done, i'm deleting the image and re-capturing it. It would be nice to have some status on a refresh.
  6. The default convention for rnadom computer names in Smartdeploy is "A#######". I'm wondering if it's possible to replace those numbers with random letters, something like "AA??????" for example. Is there are symbol to use for random letters?
  7. Thank you both very much. :) That is the information that I was looking for. Aaron - Good to hear! It's new to us, but i'm liking it so far. We previously used Ghost.
  8. I am just trying to understand when it is necessary to update the WDS boot image that i've created using SmartDeploy. Does the WDS boot image actually load the Answer File in it, or does it just store the path to get to the Answer File? If I update the Answer File but keep it the same name, do I also then need to update the WDS boot image? Thank you for any asssistance!
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