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Multiple Answer Files with USB Boot Media

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Hi There,

Is there a way to use USB Boot media with multiple Answer Files? Or do we have to create a different USB Boot media for each Answer File? We are trying to automate our imaging as much as possible, each site has it's own OU and naming convention, therefore we need a different Answer file for each site. Is there a way when we boot with USB, that the tech can select the proper Answer file that is needed?

Edit: I mean multiple Deployment Packages, I'm thinking the same way as SCCM would do it, I can create multiple Profiles for different sites. 


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From this page as of 2/2022 at SmartDeploy: https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48000976376-release-notes-and-schedule

"Enhancement: Create USB or ISO media containing multiple answer files - user can select the from the list of available answer files in SmartPE (USB/ISO only)"

I will be trying it soon.  I have been using the same answer file with a lot of Platform Packs which has proven to be problematic at times.  The goal is to use the same USB sitck for multiple types and models of hardware.  I have seen some odd behavior when using a usb installer with many different Platform Packs.  the most notable is the machine backing out a BIOS update presumably because an inappropriate update was applied.  I will be opening a case for this.


Well, it appears the backing out of inappropriate BIOS update is a Lenovo issue.  We saw it for several weeks on many machines but it has calmed sown now.,

Additionally, a call with support suggested I stop simply copying the contents of the ISO to a usb stick and start using rufus, a free utility, to create the stick.  since then Multiple Answer Files work just fine.

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