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  1. I was able to deploy other applications. Unable to get logs from application due to to many errors.
  2. I need assistance trying to figure out why my msi package just hangs when trying to deploy. It shows icon of the application deploying then I could wait forever and nothing happens.
  3. Under computer management I am able to see the computers. They go bold black then greyed out after a few mins. I tried to for example: tried to change the computer name or join domain. Says command confirmed and then after a bit just goes grey. Error says "Unable to connect to the remote computer. Ensure this computer is not managed by another console."
  4. Thank you, I believe the countdown could have been the issue.
  5. Is there a reason why answer file is either losing credentials at deployment or does it work whenever it feels like it? I deployed 5 laptops 2 out of the 5 worked. I did net use * \\computername\c$\smartdeploy which worked. But I do not want to do this for 500 computers. Is there a fix for this or a cause?
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