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  1. I would like to second the road map objective for a smart deploy web console. This would be a massive improvement. In the mean time. My techs are having trouble viewing the end points on their locally installed consoles. Is there a way for them to be able to view the contents, push drivers etc, without logging into the main server? I seem to recall this worked a while back. Maybe I am crazy and it did not. Some back ground. We are running a local machine - joined to intune. We are an all cloud environment. No servers. Our VDI environment is blocked for RDP. Or we would have b
  2. I am trying to update the endpoint agents. I can push this out via intune as an installer, but I need to be able to uninstall the old agent first. Anyone familiar with updating the client via intune? I can't do it from the smart deploy console because the console updated - which means I can't update drivers or software if needed. Seems counter productive. The console should be able to update the client if the version is out of date.
  3. Error: smartdeploy error cannot capture a virtual machine with the smartdeploy client service installed I apparently was trying to be slick and include the installer in our image. I get the above when trying to capture the image- So I removed (uninstalled) from the image and also deleted it from the smart deploy console. Yet I still get this error. Any Idea's/Help would be grateful
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